Registration Guides

Application Requirements

The International students' admission to the Regular Undergraduate Program is conducted through a selection system carried out by Itenas. The requirements for the selected candidate are as follows:

  • Graduated from High School/equivalent, both from local or abroad schools, no longer than three years at the date of admission (e.g., 2024 Admission is for high school graduates of 2022, 2023, and 2024)
  • Maximum age of 22 years old by 1 August 2024.
  • Have high academic achievement during high school level/equivalent, as evidenced by the value of report cards/academic transcripts per semester, from semester 1 to semester 5
  • Demonstrate a good command of English
  • Apply and Register at here

Registration Procedure

Prospective students meeting the requirements can register themselves as applicants in the International student selection online, through https://, with the following procedure:

  1. Register using a full name (according to the birth certificate/passport), date of birth (according to birth certificate/passport), and an active email address on the International Students selection registration page ( The system will send the selection number and password to the email address registered by the applicant.
  2. Fill in the personal data according to the actual condition.
  3. Fill in the data from the school according to the actual condition
  4. Fill in report cards and submit scanned report cards/academic transcripts for high school level/equivalent from semester 1 to semester 5.
  5. Choose the designated study programs.
  6. Submit proof of high school graduation/equivalent documents.
    • Graduates of 2022 and 2023 submit the scanned results of the Original Diploma/Graduation Certificate.
    • Graduates of 2024 submit a scan of the Temporary Graduation Certificate/Expected Graduation Letter, accompanied by a photo of the prospective student (school stamp and/or the principal’s signature must partly be stipulated on the photo).
  7. Submit the original birth certificate or original passports.
  8. Submit the latest color photo, measuring 4 x 6 cm showing the full face of the prospective student.
  9. Approve the statement of willingness to finance education fully
  10. Finalize the registration of applicants
  11. Download the Itenas International Student applicant cards.
  12. Notification of the interview schedule will be sent via e-mail